Our Leadership Team

Data Meaning’s leadership team is made up with business intelligence and data management experts, as well as leaders with exceptional experience in operations, user experience, design, and more. Our goal is not just to provide the best data possible, but to provide data that is relevant and actionable to drive real business transformations.

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Why Data Meaning?

For more than 20 years, the Data Meaning leadership team and consultants have implemented disruptive business intelligence solutions. By approaching data with the foremost goal of providing actionable business insights, we’ve been able to help our clients drive profound business impact.

Data Meaning has partnered with the world’s leading data and business intelligence companies to provide the best business intelligence solutions available. By combining these incredible tools with unrivaled expertise and exceptional industry knowledge, Data Meaning has become a business intelligence consulting partner of choice for those companies looking to implement analytics-powered business transformation.

Our leadership team brings decades of knowledge and expertise in the business intelligence and data management space, as well as experience in dozens of industries, including healthcare, education, finance, and more. This experience allows us to provide high-impact, customized solutions to serve each of our clients’ unique needs and goals.

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Our Philosophy

Each year US business intelligence consultancies receive billions for their services. Much of this money pays for a sweeping, undiscerning barrage of data and impractical analytical solutions. At Data Meaning, we believe clients deserve a better understanding of what business intelligence consulting assignments have the ability to accomplish–and they need to get more than reports and dashboards out of the billable hour.

Our core philosophy is that the business intelligence resulting from Data Meaning’s partnerships with our clients should drive real, high-impact business value.

At Data Meaning, our leadership team and consultants provide services and solutions that support measurable business results. We consider the purpose of every billable hour within the context of the business goal needing to be accomplished. Our philosophy is predicated on the idea that consulting services do not solely rely on analytic expertise and convincing dashboards, but also the ability to help our clients use this information and technology to make successful, impactful business decisions.

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