Dashboard Icon Navigation

Sometimes, an idea can spread like wildfire and quickly become the standard. An example of this in graphical user interfaces (GUI’s) is the Menu icon, first introduced by Xerox in 1981 on a commercial workstation. The icon is typically represented by 3 parallel horizontal lines, somewhat resembles a hamburger (if you’re hungry), and may be found on your favorite business and personal applications. However, due to its ubiquity many don’t pause to question its efficiency.

Probing and Scrutinizing All Facets of an Application

At Data Meaning, developing Business Intelligence applications means probing and scrutinizing all facets of an application including institutional graphical control elements (GCE’s) like the Menu icon. For example, “Is housing all navigation routes within a single GCE the most natural and efficient way to navigate through a GUI?”

In our latest episode of UX TV, Chris Allen a Designer at Data Meaning, deep dives into Dashborgronomics talks to us about the etymology and meteoric rise of the Menu icon. He explains the implications on user experience and explores navigation alternatives to consider when designing your next dashboard or application.

Are Designers and Business Analysts Alike

Brought to you by our Creative Services team, UX TV covers a variety of topics related to User Experience design and is intended for all audiences — designers and business analysts alike. Come see what makes Data Meaning the best in design within the Business Intelligence industry.