How to Reach Your Audience on a Visceral Level

Design is not just a visual artifact to look at, design is something we can now absorb with all of our senses. When we talk about Business Intelligence Dashboard and Mobile Application design, the visual aesthetic and ability to touch and interact with the analytics in the design is what engages an audience the most. The ability to reach your audience on a visceral level is what truly satisfies users and makes our job as Business Intelligence consultants most rewarding.

Learn How to Design Using InVision

I’m proud to present Data Meaning’s latest installment of UX TV titled “Prototyping with InVision.” In this episode, Lori Weiss, a Designer on our Creative Services team, explains the value of demonstrating interactive prototypes to customers. Having a prototype that users can touch and interact with is one of the best ways to keep customers engaged during the development process and facilitate their feedback. Prototypes also help our design and development teams perfect the end product.

Brought to you by our Creative Services team, UX TV covers a variety of topics related to User Experience design and is intended for all audiences — designers and business analysts alike. Come and see what makes Data Meaning the best in design within the Business Intelligence industry.