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Crafting a Seamless User Experience

To produce great user experiences repeatably, your team needs a UX leader whose voice is equal to that of their technology counterparts. At Data Meaning, our cognitive ergonomics experts not only have a seat at the development table, but also a voice that carries as far as a Solution Architect. Our design-thinking focused development process permeates our organization and culture. Our designers are leaders in solving complex business challenges while giving users simple, actionable and memorable experiences.

We Specialize in UX Design Analytic Platforms

Our Creative Team specializes in cross-channel user experience design for web and mobile based analytic platforms. Our process includes competitive analysis, ethnographic studies, business analysis, focus groups, discovery workshops, flow diagramming, information architecture, customer journey mapping, UI design, UI/UX specifications and style guides.

Our Approach

We build a road map for the ideal path to engagement by understanding the overlap between the user and the business outcome. Furthermore, we do it all within the context of data and technology.

At Data Meaning, we believe effective solutions are born from insight. We take the time to ask the right questions to understand your business, users, competition, and the problems or opportunities you’re seeking to address. We then conduct heuristic and competitive research and analysis while applying the principles of user-centered design to assess all relevant factors impacting the project. The end result is a defined set of accurate user needs and business goals which drive the project forward.

By following a user-centered approach, our capabilities are flexible enough to serve any industry or sector. In fact, because we don’t work exclusively with any one particular vertical, we approach every project with a fresh set of eyes and ears. We do our work based on best practices for the end users within the context of business outcomes, data and technology.

The final result is a memorable and actionable experience based on empathy, analytics, and the right technology to engage users in meaningful ways, wherever they are.

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