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Lima One Capital is one of the fastest growing companies in the specialty mortgage lending industry, focused on bringing affordable lending to local real estate markets. Lima One Capital provides short- and long-term financing for individual investors looking to purchase and rehabilitate single-family homes, rentals, and multi-family units. The company is one of the top three firms in this space in terms of loan origination.

The Challenge: Lots of data, limited resources

Lima One Capital strives to provide liquidity to individual real estate investors while mitigating and managing risk. This strategy requires finding high value customers in the sales funnel, as well as building ongoing relationships with them that result in more loans and long-term servicing commitments.

To do so, Lima One Capital needed a mature data strategy with the right supporting technology. As a growing company, Lima One Capital lacked the time, people, and capital needed in order to successfully
turn data into insights and achieve its goals. The firm needed a cost-effective, highly scalable solution that could simplify the data analytics process for its busy team.

Solution: From Zero to modern ETL in one quarter

With the help of its strategic technology partner, Data Meaning, Lima One Capital designed a solid cloud data technology stack that included Snowflake running on Microsoft Azure as the cloud data warehouse, Matillion ETL for Snowflake for data loading and transformation, and Tableau and Alteryx for data analytics and visualization. The company looked to speed up data transformation with Matillion using the power of the cloud, then enable data self-service to bring rapid insight to every corner of the business.

In just one quarter, one full-time Lima One Capital employee and 1.5 Data Meaning employees were able to build out an ETL pipeline for 80 percent of the firm’s major commercial applications. They imported data from sources including bulk CSVs on an SFTP site, an on-premises SQL server, Salesforce, and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.

The Benefits: Twice the size, within 10 months

Since implementing Matillion ETL for Snowflake and its new technology stack, Lima One Capital has been able to modernize and transform its data processes and the way it uses data for insight. Snowflake acts as a data integration and transformation hub for the business. Matillion is able to load all of the company’s core commercial applications hourly, in 20 minutes’ time. By using Matillion ETL, Lima One Capital has been able to automate about 6,000 hours of data movement year to date, a game changer for the growing team. Data self-service is now a reality at the firm.

Achieved rapid growth, doubling in size within 10 months

Created an analytics program that is 85% self service

Automated nearly 6,000 task hours across the company within a year

Reduced data entry workload by nearly 20%

What’s Next: On track for near-real-time reporting

With Matillion ETL for Snowflake in place, the next challenge for Lima One Capital is rebuilding the ETL processes for its loan origination software system. By improving access to loan origination data and using Matillion ETL for data integration and transformation, the company estimates that it will be able to speed up reporting speeds across the organization to near-real time. The business’s appetite for both volume and speed of data continues to increase, and Lima One Capital hopes to continue to reduce time to value to better serve its customers and grow.

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