Change Management Consulting for Business Intelligence & Data Management

In a constantly evolving business world, enterprises and their employees continuously struggle to remain both competitive and profitable. Ongoing technological innovations in reporting and business intelligence tools have made it increasingly difficult for companies to develop and maintain coordinated reporting strategies. As data becomes increasingly democratized, organizations need change management processes for their business intelligence efforts that allow them to make changes quickly and keep employee skills razor sharp and aligned with company goals to stay on top of trends and remain competitive.

At Data Meaning, our change management consultants can help with the process. We provide you with a customized framework to help your company successfully adopt your business intelligence & data management efforts for more effective business results.

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Onde Você Está na Jornada?

Graph showing four-stage change management progression from holding on to resisting then exploring to committed

Is your company struggling with change management in your BI & reporting efforts?

If your company is experiencing–or anticipating–any of the following, our change management consultants can help. With the help of our expert team, your company can adopt your new business intelligence efforts faster, more effectively, and with more positive adoption.

  • Lançamento de iniciativa significativa de relatórios
  • Mudança no software de Business Intelligence
  • Alterações no processo de negócio como resultado direto dos relatórios
  • Fusões e aquisições
  • Downsizing de aplicações usados na organização

Como Fazemos Isso

Data Meaning uses a customized change management road map to guide your team trhough successful adoption and sustained use of your business intelligence system. Here are some of the steps we take:

  • Familiarize a organização com metodologias de change management
  • Identifique um líder para a mudança
  • Include the change leader as part of the steering committee
  • Communicate the vision and goal to the committee
  • Comece com um processo de planejamento com marcos gerais identificados ao longo do processo de mudança
  • Identifique todos os afetados pela mudança
  • Crie um plano de comunicação
  • Planeje e execute atividades de treinamento
  • Identifique, capacite e implante agentes de mudança para promover a mudança
  • Dê feedback e repita o processo

For a customized consultation, fill out a request on our Free Strategy Consultation page and one of our Data Meaning experts will contact you to discuss how our change management services can help meet your specific needs.

Free Strategy Consultation

Change Management Significa Conquistar os Corações e as Mentes das Pessoas

The repercussions of not appropriately handling change in business intelligence can include lost revenue, low productivity, and failed transition. Let us help you prepare for change and demonstrate a way of managing change that is cost effective and sustainable.

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