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    About Data Meaning

    Data Meaning provides business intelligence solutions to leading companies and government agencies. Our mission is to increase the effectiveness of our customers’ businesses by transforming data into intelligent information that fuels strategic solutions.

    We offer flexible, individualized solutions for business intelligence solutions, managed IT services, data warehousing & governance, and project management. Our offer includes short- and long-term contracts, employee placement, and outsourcing strategies to support our clients’ needs and goals.

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    What is Included in Data Management?

    While many business intelligence companies offer data management...

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    Benefits to Outsourcing Business Intelligence Services

    Whether you currently have a business intelligence system...

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    Who is Responsible for Data Management?

    Determining who is responsible for data management depends on...

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    Why is Data Management Difficult?

    While data management may seem, on the exterior, like it should...

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    6 Benefits of Managed IT Services

    Whether you have a dedicated in-house IT team or are starting from scratch...

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    What is Business Intelligence Used For? 6 Primary Purposes

    What is business intelligence used for? The main purpose is...

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    What is Business Intelligence? B I Platform on virtual screen.

    What is Business Intelligence & Why Does it Matter?

    Business intelligence is the use of data & analytics to...

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    Using Command Manager and Alteryx

    Sometimes we need to know the metrics that are using ApplySimple...

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    How to Clean Up Duplicated Records

    This quick ETL tutorial has the purposed of showing how to categorize...

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    Customizing a Standard Submit Button in MicroStrategy

    Customizing the style of action selectors in MicroStrategy can be tricky...

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    The Pursuit of Performance Gamification

    Looking through the weekly list of Gallup polls, a consistent theme seems to emerge

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    The ROI of UX

    Provisioning a top tier user experience is arguably one of the most effective ways

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