Change Management

“70% of corporate change efforts either totally fail, have lukewarm results, or the change never becomes an integral part of the company culture.”

In a constantly evolving business world, enterprises and their employees continuously struggle to remain both competitive and profitable. Ongoing technological innovations in reporting and business intelligence tools have made it increasingly difficult for companies to develop and maintain coordinated reporting strategies. As data becomes increasingly democratized, organizations need change management processes that allow them to make changes quickly and keep employee skills razor sharp and aligned with company goals to stay on top of trends and remain competitive.

At Data Meaning, we can help with that journey. We can provide you with a framework for managing change and an explanation of the learning delivery approaches that allow organizations to adopt change successfully.

Where Are You in the Journey?

Why do you need change management?

  • Launching a significant reporting initiative
  • Change in Business Intelligence Software
  • Changes to business process as a direct result of reporting
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Downsizing of applications used in the organization

How Do We Do It?

  • Familiarize the organization with change management methodologies
  • Identify a change leader
  • Include the change leader as part of the steering committee – Communicate the vision and goal to the committee
  • Begin with a planning process with general milestones identified throughout the change process
  • Identify everyone affected by the change
  • Create a communication plan
  • Plan and execute training activities
  • Identify, empower and deploy change agents to promote he change
  • Feedback and repeat

Change Management Means Winning the Hearts and Minds of People

The repercussions of not appropriately handling business intelligence change are especially painful and may include lost revenue, low productivity, and continued proliferation of shadow technology business intelligence applications. Let us help you prepare for change and demonstrate a way of managing change that is cost effective and sustainable.

Let’s Get Started

For deployment of new instances of Alteryx, Tableau and MicroStrategy or upgrades of existing instances, we provide services to ensure that your solution is implemented according to best practices to prepare you for stability and scalability. Let our Alteryx, Tableau and MicroStrategy Certified Consultants help accelerate your success and optimize your journey!

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