Our Leadership Team

Why Data Meaning

For more than 20 years, our management team and consultants have implemented disruptive business intelligence solutions and made bold moves to drive profound business transformations. In partnership with the world’s leading companies and spanning across 15 industries, our team is proud to have struck the balance between industry knowledge and business intelligence expertise to help institutionalize more effective analytically powered business transformations. Thus, the intersection of industry knowledge and business intelligence is not just what we do but is a fundamental part of who we are and what our partnership has to offer.

Our Philosophy

Each year US business intelligence consultancies receive billions for their services. Much of this money pays for a lot of data and impractical analytical solutions. Clients need a better understanding of what business intelligence consulting assignments have the ability to accomplish and they need to get more than reports and dashboards out of the billable hour, the business intelligence resulting from the billable hour needs to add business value.

At Data Meaning, our management team and consultants marry our services and solutions to business results. We consider the purpose of every billable hour within the context of the business goal needing to be accomplished. Our philosophy is predicated on the idea that consulting services do not solely rely on analytic expertise and convincing dashboards but also the ability to help institutionalize the type of behavioral change that infuses information and technology into a businesses’ DNA.