Over the past few months, I’ve helped several of my clients define their data governance strategies. Let’s start with a big picture, deep dive into current state:

  • Is our operating model adequate? Do we even know what our operating model is?
  • Are our processes adequate?
  • How much is our organizational structure supporting or inhibiting our growth?
  • Is the data architecture adequate?
  • Are we properly leveraging and empowering our people?
  • Do we have the right analytic capabilities?
  • Are our data pipelines optimized?
  • How are we measuring and monitoring?

When brainstorming strategy, my clients will often interchange data quality and data governance as if they mean the same thing.

But data quality is a separate and distinct component of governance requiring its own framework, while data governance is the organizational and process umbrella under which data and data quality are managed and enforced.

Data governance establishes the foundational framework upon which data quality (and lineage, and analytics, and observability, and privacy, and discoverability, and accessibility) will thrive and succeed.

Is your organization ready for Data Governance?

Data Governance can bring great benefits to organizations, but it’s not always easy to know where to start. Data Meaning can help you determine if your organization is ready for data governance and how to best take advantage of it. With our data solution blueprints, we can help you accelerate your organization’s data and analytics maturity, whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve existing systems. Our services range from strategy sessions to data management workshops to in-depth impact assessments, and more. Let us help you unlock the full potential of data governance in your organization. Visit us at datameaning.com to learn more about us or email us at info@datameaning.com to begin a conversation about your data governance strategy.

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