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Today, we will introduce “Maps In Tableau”. So I’m connected to the sample superstore data set with my workbook and among the available fields I see country, state and city with a globe icon, which tells me that they are a geospatial datatype. Now whenever you have a geospatial datatype, tableau will automatically generate the latitude and longitude for each of those data elements.


So let’s drag on country, and we can see that the longitude and latitude are brought on to the field, without anything needed to be done from us. We can further break this down into state. And each state’s center is already mapped by Tableau. But let’s look at this in a filled map setting which is a little bit more detailed. Now bringing on a measures such as sales to the color shelf, we can see how that’s now broken down we have California and New York with the highest amount of sales. That wraps up today’s video on “Maps In Tableau.”


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