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Hi, everyone, my name is Pedro Faria. And welcome back to another “Data In The Wild” episode hosted by Data Meaning. Before we begin, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel below, click on the bell to turn on the notifications to be the first to know every time we upload a new video.

Summarizing Customer Segments in Product Categories


Today, we’re going to be covering “Code Free and Code Friendly Capabilities in Alteryx Designer”. Let’s take a look at one example. We have at the top over here, a transactions dataset that contains a product category column, as well as a sales column, and then a customer information dataset, that contains a customer segment dataset. So what if we needed to get a summarization of all the customer segments in the product categories, and stop the sales. How can we do this analysis, we can of course apply a joint logic to drive a customer id information, then apply a summarize to summarize like product category, customer segments, and the total. And then if an order by sales, we can do this as well.

Code Free Capabilities of Alteryx Designer


So this is the code free capabilities of Alteryx Designer. However, you can either do the code free, or the code friendly Alteryx offers you the connectivity with R and Python embedded into the software array. So all of this is leaving inside of Alteryx Designer. So for example, I can click on the R2. And you can see on the left hand side, this is a R script, that actually gets us the same result that we just created the code free, however, applying a code friendly capability. So you do have the ability of connecting R and Python inside of Alteryx. And apply that into your workflow.


So you can do a lot of things. For example, you can do some web scraping, some rpa, or just run some general force script, either on R or Python. So you do have the capability as you can see right here with R. And the same thing I click on the python tool a little bit below, you should be able to see just a little bit, the script for Python, literally doing the same thing as before the code free and R. So as you can see over here on the left hand side, all the information is recreated, all the same steps are created inside of Alteryx, using either the code free capability that you saw a little bit above, or the R capability, or the Python capability over here.


So all of them, embedded into the Alteryx Designer platform. So this wraps up our “Code Free VS Code Friendly Capabilities in Alteryx”. You do know that you now have the ability of connecting either R or Python directly into Alteryx Designer. So this wraps up today’s video on code free and code friendly using Alteryx Designer. If you have any questions or suggestions for future videos. Please comment down below. Don’t forget to subscribe to know when future videos are posted. Thank you for watching.

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