Geospatial data has location information, which is used by leaders worldwide to make right decisions at the right time. So, let’s check out how we work on it in Alteryx. To start, we will need to have centroids. Follow along in our Data in the Wild video hosted on the Data Meaning YouTube Channel.

What are Centroids?

Centroids are the points you create based on latitude and longitude data. You can create centroids that contain the latitude and longitude of different areas.

How to Create Points?

Firstly, we need a dataset. Then you can connect it in the “Spatial tab” with the “Create points” tool. With the help of this tool, you can easily configure this by just adding data into the longitude and latitude columns. In the below configurations, you have to define how your longitude and latitude data has been given in your dataset. The most common is “floating points”.

Now, you can run this workflow. And what you’re going to get in output will be the same dataset you already have along with the centroid column. You can use the browse tool to see these points in the map. 

Not Able to See the Map?

If somehow you aren’t able to see the map. You need to go to the drop-down and select any type of map first. Now, you will see a map with all the centroids created. You can also zoom in or zoom out in this map by pressing the control button and scroll on your mouse. 

So, that’s the basics of geospatial data in Alteryx. And starting from here, you will be able to calculate distance, area and create polygons.

Final Thoughts

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