Font Type on Business Intelligence (BI) applications

There isn’t always a positive correlation between level of detail to level of impact (LOI).  In fact, there are many times when this relationship is negative and a small detail can have a big impact as is the case with the impact of Font Type on Business Intelligence (BI) applications.  For example, did you know that studies prove that a detail as small as font type can have a big impact on a users’ cognitive experience?

BI applications

At Data Meaning, developing BI applications means classifying the details and their consequent LOI in order to determine how far in the weeds to get before experiencing diminishing returns on the positive benefits to the end user.

In our latest episode of UX TV, Lori Weiss a Designer at Data Meaning, shares a study by Microsoft and MIT which explains the correlation between font type and a users’ ability to consume information.  Lori also connects the dots to BI and shares best typographic practices to follow not only in dashboard design, but in everyday documentation.

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