Our Story

We see data and business intelligence as means to a business end. Our philosophy is predicated on the idea that our services exist because of the business. We begin with business drivers and end with business outcomes. It just so happens that we leverage data, business intelligence technology, and industry knowledge to achieve that goal.

Industries We Serve


We show you how business intelligence and analytics can transform what hotel reporting can do.

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We work with you to define strategy, reduce costs and improve customer service.

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Gaming & Entertainment

We help you access, aggregate and analyze information to optimize patron value.

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We help you develop innovative services that improve outcomes and deliver a great patient experience.

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We have unique insight into working with clients who cover both regulators and regulated firms.

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We help educational institutions improve their services and build better relationships with constituents.

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Food & Beverage

We give you control over your performance, allowing you to focus on company growth.

Professional Services

We help you increase productivity, control costs and maintain open communication between both your team and clients.


We help you reinvent your market and gain significant competitive advantage.

Some of Our Happy Clients