Brand Identity

An Exploration of the Creative Process

Our Journey Begins in 2015

Our Journey Begins in 2015 In early 2015, our Creative Services team started the process of giving our company a new identity.

We saw this as an opportunity to build on our past success and grow stronger, more purposeful, and more unified as a company. We are not going to forget where we have come from and all we have accomplished.

Now is a perfect time to move forward as a company, embrace progress, and adapt with a sense of agility.

Take a journey through our process.

Where We’ve Been

Previous Identity

Our previous brand was strong, bold and accurately communicated our technical expertise and focus on data analysis. It has served us well, but we think it is time to build upon the foundation it established for a new identity.

Why Rebrand?

We are updating our existing brand to a more modern look and feel, one that pays tribute to our history, serves as a fitting representation of who we are and will set us apart as an industry leader and make all Data Meaners proud.

Where We’re Going

Our New Brand

Our new logo communicates Data Meaning’s purpose and identity:

1. We are a modern company made up of professional, technical experts yet we approach our clients with a personal, friendly and accessible touch.

2. We deliver compelling solutions to our clients and deftly unlock the puzzle of their complex challenges.

3. We are constantly transforming and evolving as a company, expanding our focus beyond Business Intelligence to serve additional markets.

Logo Mark

Our new logo mark (aka the Cube) retains a strong connection to the existing logo by drawing on its core graphic element. The new shape is more solid, simplified, minimal and features clean lines with gapless edges for a modern, professional look.

The Cube itself is an optical illusion which can be seen different ways by different people. This ties into our ability to look at problems from all sides and offer a new perspective to solve those problems.

The illusion of a block being lifted out of a larger cube represents our ability to think outside of the box. It also shows our ability to stay a step above the competition as we evolve into more than just a BI company.

Light & Color

Our new color palette uses shades and tints adjacent to the existing logo while introducing richer, more contrasting tones. The consistent set of shades make the Cube feel more cohesive, giving it a softer, more friendly, inviting feel.

The arrangement of light and dark shades was changed to highlight the side of the Cube rather than the top, implying that our company is forward-facing and moving toward a “new dawn” of exciting future opportunities.


The new type treatment communicates professionalism and technical expertise with shapes and curves that make the type feel friendly and personal.

By adopting lower case type for our identity, the brand becomes less aggressive and intense and the overall shape and spacing make our company feel more open and welcoming.